Certified Fine Dining Service Professional

Duration :

12 months (6 months at TCF, Bangalore, India, including 1-week exposure trip to Italy + 06 months of internship in India / Italy)

Subject Specifics
The world of beverages Wine | Waters | Spirits | Liquors | Wine business 1st level
Operational and strategic marketing Neuro-marketing | Emotional impact in choice and eval uation process | The 2 decision making models | Persuasion app lications | Labels and pa ckaging analysis, graphic choices eval uation | The role of communication | Wine business 2nd level | Food-Marketing
Communication techniques Advertising and persuasive communicati on | Public and social communication Journalism | Social Media Marketing
Reception techniques Study and application of reception techniques | Psychology of the client
French Language Technical terminology for hospitality and enogastronomy
Italian Language Technical terminology for hospitality and enogastronomy
Agronomy Enology Agri-food products | Ar boreal, herbaceous and horticultural cultivations | Protecti on of the crops | Environmental impact I Animal Farming | Animal Farming processes| G enetic and environmental factors impacting meat, milk and eggs composition and production Wine and vine anthropology | Viticulture, elements of enology technology, chemis try of fermentations | Food analysis and quality control | Food and wine microbiology
Applied food science Occupational safety | HACCP | Food safety and technology | Inspection | Nutrients and metabolic pathways | Nutrition and diet therapy | Food hygiene and contaminations | Allergies and food intolerances | Conservation and additives | Effects of cooking on nutri ents I Food safety/MOCA | National plan for myco toxins official control in food (2016/2018) | National registry of biodiversity (Ministry for Agricultural politics) I Communi ty Alert system - Rapid Aler t (RASFF) | Integrated National Plan (PNI 2015/201 8) | Every control from field to table | Food quality (DOP, IGP and STG products) | Production po licies and control systems | Traditional food products (PAT) | Te rritories and productions | New food products (Biologic, Light, Fortified, Enriched, Supplemented, Functional Foods, New Fresh Food Ranges
Economy and company management Labor law | Consultancies | Digital tools I Business plans I Food and beverage departments organisation / Bookings, clients and suppliers management | Staff management - S ki lls pyramid I Warehouse management - Rotary stock | Price-Qua lity analysis in designing a menu I Event Planning | Realisation politics and practices | The role of communication manager, cultural and promotional events planner, social media pla nner
Public Speakng Body language and personal expression | Message construction main strategies
Extras Dialogue coaching with acting teachers I Posture | Principles of sound engineering | Styling | Bon Ton | Principles of light engineering
Study Trip