Certified Fine Dining Service Professional


The aim of Intrecci’s project is to educate new professionals able to revolutionise the world of food and wine service, bringing to life a front of the house where class, warmth and character represent fundamental pillars.

The program deals with the most diverse domains, from traditional subjects to unusual but nowadays essential topics for an up-to-date and qualified room staff. The hospitality theme is explored in all of its aspects, from business and management to the study of the smallest details of everyday work room.

Intrecci students will face the study of food science, economics, enology and occupational safety but they will also learn to deal with public speaking coaches, marketing and communication lessons and English and French classes. Special attention will be paid to career counselling and job placement.


The client does not eat in the kitchen, he doesn’t speak to the chef, he doesn’t come for patissier’s advice. He’s not given a seat among the burners.

He doesn’t see food before making his order, he doesn’t see the refrigerating room or the wine cellar. The client goes for a culinary experience, that’s true, but he needs the dining room to make it unique. A delicious dish has the face of who described it to us, seldom we know the lineaments of who cooked it.

Now that food is under every possible spotlight, people, even restaurateurs, use to forget that the it’s the dining room, together with the kitchen, to host the show.

That a “welcome” comes before a “bon appetit”.

Why a Post Graduation Programme in Fine Dining Service?

Fine Dining Service professionals are in huge demand across the globe as there is a big number of outlets being launched every day and there is a big dearth of F&B Service professionals who can understand and drive the business, along with having the right knowledge, exposure, management skills, talent, warmth, and empathy.

This programme is a great way to master the art of fine dining service and learn from the masters and it includes 6 months of internships in India / Italy in top restaurants understanding the wines, nuances of service and gain the required global exposure, which is a great value addition to your outlook and profile.

Know your Entry Requirements

If you are a passionate and focussed individual with a zeal to make your career as a Food & Beverage Service professional with the following requirements:

  • Successfully completed graduation in hospitality from a recognised institution.

  • Good communication skills.

  • In possession of a valid passport.