Professional Advanced Diploma in Italian Pastry Arts

Duration :

13 months (1 month at TCF, Bangalore, India + 04 months at CAST Alimenti, Italy + 08 months of internships in Italy)

Course Content
The history of pastry and the evolution of the professional representation of the pastry chef
The organization of a pastry laboratory: spaces, machinery, equipment, tools and professional uniform
Raw materials in pastry
The principles of good hygiene practice
Technique and practical production for basic doughs, their transformation and conservation
The products of classic and modern Italian confectionery: desserts, miniature pastries, classic and modern cakes, baked and filled
Leavening and yeast products, including panettone
Chocolate and confectionery products
Cold preparations and ice cream in pastry
The role of bread in pastry and healthy pastry
Pastry decoration, aesthetic presentation and cake design
Simulations of pastry shop management, preparation, storage, finishing and sales