Professional Advanced Diploma in Italian Pastry Arts


CAST Alimenti, i.e. “Centro Arte, Scienza e Tecnologia dell’Alimento” (Food, Art, Science and Technology Centre), is a training and specialisation school founded in Brescia in 1996.

CAST Alimenti is the only centre in Italy providing specific courses in all "mestieri del gusto" (culinary arts) in specially equipped classroom and laboratories. CAST Alimenti deals with young students and established professionals as well, providing educators and equipment to integrate knowledge and know-hows. It pays great attention to typical "Made in Italy"products, which are employed all through its didactic programmes and practical lessons.

Vittorio Santoro, founder and chairman of the school, has been the school’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) right from the start. Other founders are Franco Foglio (Artebianca) – Master Iginio Massari (honorary president) and Pavoni Italia. A prestigious technical and scientific committee ensures the accuracy of the learning programme.

Why a Post Graduation Programme in Italian Pastry Arts?

Pastry is among the world’s most sought after professions as there are huge opportunities across the globe in terms of career in restaurants, bakeries, and retail outlets for professionals that can make gourmet desserts.

This programme is a great way to master the Italian Pastry arts and learn from the masters and it includes 8 months of internships in Italy under top chefs, understanding the origins of ingredients and gain the required global exposure, which is a great value addition to your outlook and profile.