Professional Advanced Diploma in Italian Culinary Arts

Duration :

13 months (1 month at TCF, Bangalore, India + 04 months at CAST Alimenti, Italy + 08 months of internships in Italy)

Course Content
The history of Italian cuisine and the art of the Chef.
The kitchen environment, spaces, equipment, tools.
Cleaning techniques, preparation and basic processing for vegetables.
The principles of good hygiene practice in the kitchen.
Preservation and storage of preparations.
Realization of dishes of the Italian culinary tradition: dry and fresh pasta, au gratin and filled.
Eggs, processing techniques and types of cooking. Base stocks and sauces.
Rice: classification, types and uses; gnocchi.
Production of savoury plates.
Restaurant breads.
Restaurant desserts.
The organisation of modern hospitality, the a la carte restaurant menu, large catering centres, banquets, restaurant catering and the collective hospitality
The management of gastronomic events.
Healthy eating.
Creativity in the kitchen: textures, flavors and special preparations.
Designing and executing a menu.
Overview of food cost.
Analysis of current restaurant trends: the new formats
Elements of sensory analysis and enology